when you don't see me: where is the edge: email between claire and naomi concerning network site updates

from: Claire Ashecroft <redacted>
to: Naomi Bradleigh <redacted>
date: 2101-03-13 23:58
subject: Network Site Updates


I've given some thought to how you can discreetly report to your
handlers now that they've disabled your implant's Witness Protocol
daemon. As we discussed, keeping a plain text journal has always been
an option. The hard part is ensuring that your handlers get an updated
copy every so often.

I think I've hit upon a solution, but first I'm going to remind you of
how your network site currently works for context, in case you've
forgotten because you had more pressing concerns.

Your site runs on a virtual Unix host, which we both access over SSH.
I've already hardened the host so that root has no remote login, and
so that neither of us can login without a public key authorized by the
host. Furthermore, anybody who attempts to access port 22 (SSH) from
an unauthorized IP address gets redirected to port 443 (HTTPS).

My suggestion is that we create accounts for your handlers and lock
them so that all they can do is download a copy of your journal via
sftp. Once that's done, you can periodically upload your surveillance
journal when updating your site. Just include an encrypted tarball
containing the latest version when updating your public journal, and
put it in /home/nbradleigh/web/. I'll update the cron job that builds
your site so that it first copies the tarball to your handlers' home
directories. I'll then update your site's makefile to exclude the

Since your site is actually served from /var/www/htdocs/ the general
public won't be able to read your private journal unless the site is
compromised. I can do the setup as soon as I have your handlers' IP
addresses and SSH pubkeys.

Claire Ashecroft
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from: Naomi Bradleigh <redacted>
to: Claire Ashecroft <redacted>
date: 2101-03-14 08:02
subject: Re: Network Site Updates

Thanks, Claire. You should find attached a tarball containing IP
addresses and SSH public keys for my handlers. Please make the
necessary arrangements to ensure that they can download copies of my
surveillance journal at their convenience.

Naomi Bradleigh
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PS: Are you using a shell script to generate your email signature
again? I hope for your sake that this is the case, and that you are
not sharing hard-won experiential wisdom.