when you don't see me: i want it all: Letter from Isaac Magnin to Christabel Crowley, dated 5 June 2107


Please accept my sincere apology for the terror you suffered while you were my guest, and for my subsequent absence from your life. It was an unfortunate necessity that I remain apart from you; the maintenance of certain critical systems that discretion forbids mentioning here required my personal attention.

By the time I had finished, I had learned of your reconciliation with Morgan Stormrider. It seemed most prudent to keep my distance, lest some mischance expose the narrative you've crafted for public consumption for the sham it is.

Please also accept my congratulations on your venture into commercial fashion. Once you've developed a sufficiently strong reputation, it would be my pleasure to meet you for a fitting and a consultation concerning my wardrobe.

You may find yourself receiving interview requests from a journalist named Samuel Terell. He will express interest in both your musical career and your side business as a fashion designer, which will serve to enhance your reputation in both industries. It is my fond hope that you will make time for him; he is an associate of mine and a colleague to Ms. Gellion and Ms. Bathory. You may rest assured of his absolute discretion.

If you need to talk to somebody about the memories that haunt your sleep, the Rev. Dr. Abram Mellech is trustworthy for the same reason you may trust Mr. Terell. Though he is most prominent for pushing prosperity gospel, he is also a licensed psychotherapist and will put aside the God talk in that capacity. When you request an appointment, do not provide your name. Instead, identify yourself as a civilian contractor for the Phoenix Society's executive council. This will ensure your privacy.

In the meantime, kindly keep this letter as a memento, and henceforth retain printed copies of any letters you send me. My plans for Morgan will eventually involve exposing the true nature of your relationship, something considerably simplified by the existence of evidence whose authenticity he cannot dispute. However, this revelation will still be some years coming; it will take that long to arrange the sequence of events that will shatter his complacency and set him on the path toward the destiny I have chosen for him.

Warm regards,

Isaac Magnin

CEO, AsgarTech Corporation

PS: I have enclosed samples of a recreational chemical you may find enjoyable. Before going to bed with Morgan, dissolve the contents of one packet in a glass of warm water. Get him to drink half, and drink the rest yourself. It will allow you to forget that you're not with me until the drug wears off. Because Morgan is einherjar, he will not get the full effect but it should affect him enough for him to not mind that he's with you. Just be mindful that while this chemical does not produce /physical/ dependence, excessive use may result in psychological dependence. Try to refrain from using it more than once a week.

PPS: Thank you for mentioning Morgan's new pet, but I must caution you that he does not have a mere cat. The radio interference that occurs when he's purring indicates that Morgan has been adopted by a rakshasa. Though I had planned to leave him utterly bereft of all connections, a rakshasa that has chosen an asura (or an einherjar) is beyond my influence. I would suggest trying to befriend him while he's still a kitten, for he will get bigger. It would seem that Desdinova has chosen to involve himself, but I suspected as much when you told Ms. Bathory that Edmund Cohen had threatened you.