when you don't see me: i want it all: Letter from Christabel Crowley to Isaac Magnin, dated 3 June 2107


It's been a month since you took me down to the basement and everything went pear-shaped. You haven't taken my calls, and neither have Elisabeth nor Tamara, so I've resorted to writing letters and sending them to your office at AsgarTech. I'm assuming that you're all right, since the sun hasn't turned bloody and the moon hasn't become the color of sackcloth and ashes, but it would be nice to know for sure.

Please pardon the subterfuge implied by the letterhead and return address, I thought that a letter from Crowley Couture to the AsgarTech Corporation marked for your attention might be slightly less indiscreet than one from Christabel Crowley. A third party polite enough to refrain from opening other people's letters might dismiss the former as an unsolicited sales pitch; the latter seemed more likely to rouse interest.

It will be harder for me to serve you if we do not communicate, but I will do my best. If you'd prefer to arrange some kind of dead drop instead of getting letters with your business mail, I will follow any procedure you care to implement.

In the meantime, I have made a big production of reconciling with Morgan. I even let him into my bed, but I always imagine it's you. I wish it was, even though when I thought I was fucked it was something /he/ told me that saved me.

The nightmares still come. It's funny that I was fine in the moment, but once I got back home and was alone I broke down. I wish I could talk to /somebody/ about this, but I dare not. A shrink would assume I had been hallucinating or had suffered a psychotic break or something.

I think Morgan might understand, since he may have faced one of these angels himself, but I dare not tell him anything.

Please tell me you're still there. Please tell me this silence is part of your design.

Still yours,

Christabel Crowley

CEO, Crowley Couture

PS: This /is/ a legitimate business. There's been some interest in the custom outfits I force Morgan and Naomi to wear on stage. I would love to design suits and other menswear for /you/, incidentally.

PPS: Morgan's new cat doesn't seem to like me. He insists on sleeping between us, and growls at me if I try to cuddle with Morgan. But when the nightmares are really bad, he seems to know and he purrs all the louder. It messes with my implant's network connection, but it's otherwise soothing. Have you ever heard of a cat's purring causing EMI?