when you don't see me: i want it all: Letter from Christabel Crowley to Isaac Magnin, dated 20 April 2110


Whatever the nature of the personal cataclysm you mean to arrange for Morgan, you might want to move up your timetable. I don't know how much effort you spend monitoring the news, but whatever you read about fancy new pyrotechnics at Crowley's Thoth performances is complete and utter bollocks.

We were able to explain away what happened as part of the show, but I dare not be more explicit. All I know is that the lid is ready to come off and I'm not convinced your grip on the situation is as solid as you'd have me believe.

Love, Christabel

PS: I'd like more of the stuff, please. I use it by myself nowadays since Morgan figured out I was trying to dose him and didn't take it well. I only use half a packet once a week, so it lasts a bit longer, but it's been a while since you last sent me some.