i think i'll keep my mask

I haven't been vaccinated yet, but when I get around to it I think I'll probably keep wearing a mask in public. Since I have long hair and fairly soft features, people sometimes mistake me for a woman when I'm out in public, and that often means being told to smile.

That hasn't happened to me since I've started wearing masks in public, and I don't miss it. Besides, if I wear a hat along with my mask it's makes life harder for people who benefit from the ubiquity of surveillance cameras in public places. :)

I look forward to a future where people only show their faces to people they trust, and the sight of a mask is a clear signal meaning: "we're not friends, so please keep your distance".

PS: I could cut my hair, but then the people who mistake me for a woman would assume I was a butch lesbian. You just can't win with some people. Besides, I like being a long-haired metalhead; why should I give up my hair for people who don't give a shit about me?